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We used to build web-sites for clients, but we move on with a stronger focus on our own services and projects. In any case, this domain will remain the roof for the activities of Till Quack.

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kooaba I co-founded kooaba in 2007. Kooaba hyperlinks objects in the real world with the digital world using image recognition on mobile phones.
appalyticz appalyti.cz is a small project I did in 2011. I tracks iPhone app ranking statistics. The motivation was that at kooaba we were interested in gaining more information of the performance of iPhone apps across the field, in order to be able to compare and improve our development and marketing of our own apps.
Since 2001 I am on and off blogging. Read my posts from the last few years here.
mosaickr www.mosaickr.com is a Flickr mashup. It lets you create beautiful mosaics from your photos or any creative commons licensed photo on flickr. This was built with Stefan and Thibaut under the label etfd 114.1.
Biwi From 2004 to 2008 I pursued my PhD at the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich. The title of my thesis is "Large-scale Mining and Retrieval of Visual Data in a Multimodal Context". My research page is here.
Cortina During my Master's thesis at the Vision Research Lab at UCSB I co-created the visual similarity web-search engine Cortina with Lars Thiele, Ulrich Moenich, and Baris Sumengen. It was one of the first web-based image search engines to search more than 1 million images.

If you are interested in the remains of my old company page, it can be found here ...

About the picture above: I downloaded this about 5 years ago, I think it was taken by Harald Farkascho, but I couldn't identify the exact source any more. Thus, I use the picture here, believing not to infringe any copyrights. Please contact me if you own the rights for this picture.